All Natural Homemade Facial Mist

Facial mists are amazing for giving your skin a little pick me up and refreshing your complexion throughout the day. 

They can be used to add moisture, control oiliness, soothe redness, refresh makeup, you name it, there's a facial mist out there for it. My favourite way to use facial mists is to add moisture and refresh my skin. I use them to wake up my skin in the middle of the day and to tone my skin before I do my skincare routine

The best thing, they're so easy and affordable to make yourself. You can buy a facial mist from pretty much every makeup & skincare brand, but most of these contain chemicals we don't want our skin absorbing. The easiest way to avoid this and cater to your own skin's needs is to make your skin facial mist.  

I have dehydrated skin and I don't break out often, so I like to go for hydrating and moisturising ingredients to balance my skin. 

I created this blend of natural ingredients and essential oils to moisturise my skin and soothe any redness that I sometimes get. The essential oils I chose are antiseptic, healing, relaxing and detoxifying which soothes and balances my skin. This is where you can completely customise your blend to suit your skin's needs.  You can add in Teatree and eucalyptus oils if you want to control oiliness and breakouts, lemongrass oil for radiance, lavender to help you relax, the list is endless. 

This is the blend I chose:

Organic green tea 
1 tbs Pure aloe vera 
1 tbs Vitamin E oil
3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
3 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
3 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
1/2 tsp Pure sea salt 
Apothecary glass spray bottle

I mixed my aloe vera, vitamin E oil and salt together in the glass bottle and add my essential oils. Brewed some organic loose leaf green team, once cooled topped off the glass with the glass and shook well to combine. 

I choose green tea because it is full of antioxidants and will energise and hydrate your skin. You can use any tea that you like just make sure its organic! I used aloe vera and vitamin E oil because of their soothing, protecting and moisturising benefits and I picked sea salt to balance my skin. 

I like to mist this on my skin throughout the day or saturate a cotton cloth to refresh my skin after cleansing. This spray will last up to three weeks and you can refrigerate it cool and soothe your skin especially during warmer months!

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