DIY All Natural Hair Lightening Spray

I get a lot of questions about my hair, how I style it and how I colour it. Its probably my most asked question ever!

While in the past I have coloured my hair, I choose to stick with natural methods now becuase most hair dyes and styling products are tested on animals (not to mention FULL of horrible chemicals)

I had balayage on my hair about two years ago at the beginning of my transition to cruelty free, which is why the ends of my hair are significantly lighter. I love this look and to keep it looking sunkissed and beachy I use this all natural hair lightening spray.

The ingrediants are so easy to get a hold of and they are very effective when you spray this on the areas of your hair you want to lighthen during the summer. Now the south coast isn't all that tropical, so i'll use this on really sunny days in the UK and when I go abroad to warmer countries. 

What you'll need:

Organic loose leaf Chamomile tea
Juice of three lemons
Coconut Oil
Glass Apothecary spray bottle

Brew your chamomile tea and let it cool. Mix togther your coconut oil, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon in your apothecary bottle and top off with the cooled tea. 

Mix well before use and spray onto the areas of your hair you want to lighten and spend some time in the sun to activate the ingrediants. 

Chamomile, lemon, honey and cinnamon all have natural properties that will encourage your hair to lighten, but because of the honey and coconut oil's natural moistuerising qualities wont cause the damage bleach will. 

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