March Favourites // 2017

Its finally starting to feel like summer.
The evenings are lighter, the days are warmer and my freckles are coming out of hibernation. I love the change in seasons because my beauty routine becomes a lot more minimal. I can use much lighter products and I prefer to use a lot less during the warmer months.

During the summer I never use foundation. My complexion really improves when I get a tan, so I focus less on coverage and more on protection. I have recently purchased the Bali Body BB cream and I already know that its going to be a staple in my beauty bag this summer. It has a really light coverage, but it makes your skin look incredibly healthy and luminous. My favourite thing about this BB cream as that it looks undetectable on my skin. It has a dewy finish, it doesn't sit in any fine lines and it matches my complexion perfectly - its definitely one of those 'your skin, but better' kind of products and I highly recommend giving this a try if you prefer lighter coverage. 

I also recently got my hands on the new Frank Body Glow Mask and I'm obsessed. Its the perfect product to use in between exfoliating and moisturising to give you baby soft skin. Its a really gentle mask that rejuvenates your skin and restores its glow, especially if its been looking a little lacklustre. It also smells exactly cake icing, whats not to love?

My favourite hair care products are from Lush. I love all of their shampoo's, but I could never find a conditioner that I liked... until now. I have very thick, dry hair and all of the conditioners I used from lush didn't seem to do much for my hair until I tried Veganese, and I'm in love with this conditioner! It makes my hair feel so soft and it smells incredible. If you're going to try anything from Lush, try this! 

I've recently rediscovered the Pai Rosehip Oil, and I forgot how amazing this product its. It definitely doesn't smell the best, I think complaints from the boyfriend where the reason why I stopped using this, but it works wonders for my skin. Whenever I use this I wake up with a fresh and dewy complexion which makes my morning routine a lot easier. I don't use this every day, probably 3 times a week just because its very potent, but I love what this does to my skin. 

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