The Beauty Benefits of Rose

Roses aren't just for Valentines day, they also have some amazing beauty benefits too. Roses have been a part of our beauty regime for centuries thanks to the ancient greeks. They are relaxing, soothing and add a little luxury to your morning routine.  


Rose oil is amazing for soothing redness and reducing swelling. If you suffer from rosecea or scaring rose can be a great natural ingredient to calm and sooth your skin. 


Thanks to the Vitamin C, Rose can help protect the skin against damage and fade acne scaring. It also encourages the skin to produce collagen which plumps your skin giving it a youthful appearance. 


This is great for those who suffer from acne. The antibacterial properties in roses helps fight off any germs and bacteria that promotes problematic skin. 


Using rose water after cleansing is a natural way to tone your skin and tighten pores. This helps prevent oil build up and has a natural astringent effect on the skin. You can also use rose water to refresh your skin throughout the day or as a makeup setting spray! 


Roses contain natural oils which help hydrate the skin and is especially great for those with sensitive skin because its very gentle and soothing. 

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