Thaikhun Southampton Review

If you know me, then you know that I love to eat.

When I heard that there was a new Thai restaurant coming to Southampton I couldn't wait to try it out. Thai food is one of my favourites so I definitely couldn't pass up the chance to try out Thaikhun in Soutampton's new development, and as it was the other half's birthday it was the perfect excuse to treat ourselves.

It was a miserable, rainy day, but that was all forgotten as soon as we walked through the door. It feels like you are instantly transported to Thailand surrounded by a sea of hanging umbrellas, traditional signs, old school TV's and the sound of street food cooking in the background. 
If this is what Thailand is like, then book me on the next flight. 

Our lovely server Ben went through the menu with us and brought over a basket of prawn crackers for us to snack on while we decided on food - an impossibly hard decision for me to make when it comes to Thai food. With friendly staff and authentic atmosphere, we had high expectations for the food. 

My partner and I aren't the biggest drinkers, but as it was a special occasion we decided to treat ourselves to a cocktail each, The Street Sipper for me and a Coconut Mojito for him.

The Street Sipper is an orange and gin based cocktail served in a plastic bag. I love it when drinks are served in fun and creative ways. I was a little worried I would spill it everywhere as I'm incredibly clumsy, but I managed to get through the meal without any accidents. 

The Mojito is perfect for coconut lovers. It's light, refreshing and compliments the food perfectly.

For starters he ordered the beautifully served chicken satay and I had the vegetable spring rolls. The satay was a huge hit for Nathan, he hasn't stopped talking about it since! Vegetable spring rolls are always an safe option, especially for Vegans. I dipped mine in the satay sauce and it tasted incredible. 

The mains where just as good as the starters, he went for the Panang Curry and I can never turn down a Pad Thai. I have had a lot of Pad Thai dishes and i'm very hard to impress, but this was hands down the best I've ever had. Its definitely a crowd pleaser and easily made vegan - just ask for no egg and extra veggies. 

This was Nathan's first Thai meal so I suggested he try the curry which he was also really impressed with. Just make sure to avoid the chilies if you're not a fan of spice! He managed to eat one which I found pretty amusing. 

^ This had to be my favourite sign within the restaurant! ^

After dinner we were so full and decided to pass on dessert, even though the waffles with green tea ice-cream definitely had me tempted - However, Thaikhun had different plans for us. While we were finishing off our drinks all of the staff came over with a chocolate cake so say happy birthday to Nathan which was so thoughtful and a lovely touch. It left him very embarrassed and me hysterically laughing at his expense. I forgot to capture the moment in the middle of all the madness!

Thank you for an amazing evening Thaikhun, we can't wait to come back!

Check them out on twitter - whoever is running their social media deserves a high five, their responses are great. 

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