November Favourites // 2016

Its finally happened. A monthly favourites post written on time!
I rarely do monthly favourites posts for a few reasons. I forget (sorry), I don't change up my products that much and I'm extremely picky with my 'favourites' choices. I'm going to try to write this more ,but i'm a creature of habit, once I like something i'll use it until I'm sick of it, so my favourite posts may be a little repetitive for a while.

Something you'll always find in my daily routine, without fail, is my Frank Daily Moisturiser. I already raved about this in my previous post so I won't go on about it any more, but its my absolute favourite and i'll never be without it.

The Bare Minerals Skin Longevity serum is a new addition to my skincare routine and i've been liking this a lot since I picked it up in October. It adds a really subtle glow to the skin which acts as a great base for my tinted moisturiser. I like to have a glowing complexion all year around, but I do need a little more hydration in the winter so this works great for me. It contains California Poppy, Long Life Herb and Lempuyang Ginger which combat anti-aging and leaves you with a youthful appearance.  

I fell in love with the Mini Miracle Eye Wand by Charlotte Tilbury the second I used it. I am not a morning person, and it shows in my under eye circles so I need something thats very brightening. I have an extremely hard time finding concealers that don't crease like crazy under my eyes, and this one holds up really well throughout the day. Its inspired by photographers light reflectors, which is what gives the brightening effect and helps wake up my eye area. Im so obsessed with this product it has now replaced my Urban Decay concealer. 

The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue has been a re discovery for me the past few weeks. I really didn't get on with this at first, I found it impossible to blend in no matter what brush or sponge I used, until I figured out that it was designed to be applied with your fingers - something I was not used to! The warmth from your skin allows the gel product to blend in seamlessly, leaving a lightweight, luminous coverage and your skin feeling hydrated. 

I have get the driest lips ever during the colder seasons so my Frank Body Lip Scrub and Fresh lip balm where my best friends in November. Every day I use the lip scrub to buff away/prevent dry skin and I apply the lip balm whenever I can to keep them feeling smooth and hydrated.


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