Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Kit

I used to be the kind of person that would change up their skincare every month, but since I found this kit everything changed. 
While I was working in America Frank Body released their Sweet Cheeks skin care range. Of course I ordered it right away, as I do with every new product Frank creates. We are 18 months on and i've re-ordered the kit about four times since then.

The biggest difference for me is how it helped my redness. I always go on about how I want skincare to help the redness around my nose, and thats because I resemble Rudolph for the entire year. Seriously, whenever I kiss my boyfriend it takes the foundation off my nose and reveals our uncanny resemblance. All joking aside, this trio really does help calm down the redness in my skin and makes it look healthy and glowing! 

The cleanser is a creamy, charcoal consistency hat helps remove makeup and adds moisture to the skin. The colour put me off at first, but its become a staple in my skincare ever since. Its very gentle and soothing on the skin, it removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin looking healthy and feeling so soft. 

The exfoliator is the best I've ever tried and lasts for ages! It's a coffee scrub like their body scrub but it's a lot creamier meaning its a lot more gentle on your face. This scrub helps remove dry skin, helps to fade scaring, evens out our complexion and it even helps prevent acne. What can't this stuff do? I like to massage it into my face for about one minute then I let it sit on my skin for about five minutes to let the caffeine work its magic on my skin. This is great for those prone to dry skin, especially during the winter. 

The moisturiser is my favourite from the kit because I think this is the one that helps my redness. It's so soothing on the skin, absorbs quickly and it works. It's as simple as that! My skin feels moisturised all the day, It works great as a base under makeup and it makes my skin glow.  In the summer this is all I use day and night, but in the winter I like to use something a little heavier like an oil n the evening to prevent dry skin.  

Even though I like to change it up some days and use a different product, I always seem to go back to this as I know it works perfectly for me. 

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