What I'm Currently Reading

I used to love reading growing up.
I read every Harry Potter book, I was obsessed with The Hunger Games and Divergent and don't get me started on how much I loved The Maze Runner. I used to go bed excited because I would get to read another chapter... or ten and let my imagination run wild with the story. Getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things to, but recently I haven't allowed my self the time to do so, which is obviously something I needed to address.

Clearly I love those futuristic, dystopian, post apocalyptic kind of stories, but I find a good novel in that genre is hard to come by. If It doesn't grip me right away, I can't get into it. I decided to steer away from those kind of books and try out something different, so I decided to go for whatever books stood out to me, which just so happened to be Bloom and The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. 

Bloom has been captured in every other Instagram photo I've seen, and for good reason. Its absolutely stunning, and unlike any other book i've ever read. I always thought Estée was so elegant and classy, but so relatable at the same time, and that shines through in this book. They way she opens up about her personal struggles with anxiety and depression is so admirable, and was so surprising to me as someone who has watched her channel for a few years. I love the way she's written this book, the words flow like a conversation and parts even had me laughing aloud, something no other book has done to me. I highly recommend picking up this book if you see it, even just to glance at the pictures, its very captivating.

The title alone had me hooked, but i've also heard good things about The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. It definitely came into my life at the right time, as it walks you through different aspects of life, basically teaching you how to care less about the things that don't matter so you can focus on the important things. I'm still in the early pages of this book, but I really like the way its laid out and i'm enjoying the lighthearted humour. If you're a bit of a stress ball like me, then I really recommend this book, it helps put things into perspective. 

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