Latley // #1

 If you followed my old blog you will know that now and then I like to do posts like this where I talk about a few of the things I am currently loving and update you in anything interesting that has been going on. Its like a monthly favourites post, but not on schedule. Clearly I find it hard to stick to those. 

I've recently discovered some amazing content creators that have given me the inspiration my life was missing. I'm considering sharing the love and doing a round up of my favourites soon.

Working in the technology industry means I'm a bit of a tech brat, so obviously I needed the iPhone 7 plus as soon as it came out. The camera on this is insanely good it almost puts my cannon to shame. This means I don't have to carry a camera with me everywhere I go, and its waterproof - if you know me you'll know this is essential for me as I break every nice thing I've ever owned. I have had a gold phone since the iPhone 5 so I decided to change it up and go for black this time around, and I think I'm going to stick with this for a while.

Speaking of cameras, i've had my eye on the Olympus Pen for a while now. My cannon is great, but sometimes it would be nice to use a camera that is more compact and lighter, especially when I travel. My best friend and fellow creative Lucinda has this and loves it, so its been added to my christmas list. 

I've rediscovered my love for crystals over the last few months. I used to be obsessed with crystals and collected them for years. For some reason during my teen years I decided I didn't want them anymore and got rid of them, something I seriously regret now. Not only are they pretty to look at, they are great to have in your environment. I'm trying to learn more about crystals and what their purposes are, so expect to see my collection grow over the coming months.

I have also been making a conscious effort to make time for journaling and reading. This is great for self and mental care, which is something i'll go in to more detail on in a blog post soon. In the evenings I like to reflect on my day and write down three good things that happened. This can be something as small as grabbing a cup of coffee during your lunch break or seeing a puppy on your walk home from work. This is a great way to practise gratitude and ends the day on a positive note. I've also been trying to read more. I spend about 90% of my day either using or around technology which isn't great for you, especially when you're still on your laptop or phone at 1am. I'm trying to turn off my laptop and phone earlier in the evening and ending the day with yoga, reading or mediation. I'll share some of the books i've been reading lately in a post soon.

What have you been loving latley?  

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