Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette

Im all about those autumn shades this season.
When Anastasia Beverly Hills brought out this palette I couldn't help myself, I had to have it. The Master Palette by Maria (Kim K's makeup artist) is one of the prettiest eye shadow palettes I have ever seen. I have always been impressed with the quality of Anastasia's products, and their eye shadows are no exception. They are smooth, buttery and super pigmented. The colour pay off is incredible with these shadows and they blend like a dream.

They have a good selection of shades which make this palette pretty diverse, you can make a variety of looks to suit pretty much any skin tone. This palette will suit blue eyes beautifully with the orange and amber shades! 

bottom-up - Hollywood satin  | NYC satin | Kim shimmer | Muse shimmer | Marina shimmer | Claudia satin

You get a good ratio of matte, satin and shimmery shades which makes this palette very wearable if you don't mind a shimmery eye look. The three matte shades are perfect transition shades and are pretty versatile, although they are fairly dark and warm toned so if you are very pale skinned/cool toned you may want to bare this in mind (unless that is your preference then ignore me, you do you boo) 

bottom-up - Lula matte | Isabel matte | Violeta matte | 5th Ave shimmer | Bronx shimmer | Paris shimmer

All of the eye shadows are incredibly pigmented, especially the shimmery shades so a little goes a long way with this palette. My favourite shades are Isabel, Marina, 5th Ave and Paris. 

For me, this is the perfect autumnal eye shadow palette, and I probably won't stop wearing it until spring. 

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