My Top Cruelty Free Mascaras

Throughout the last few years I have tried so. many. mascaras.
Because of this I couldn't just pick one 'be all, end all' mascara, In fact I'm surprised I managed to dwindle it down to a top four. I am a sucker for a good mascara, so my collection is pretty extensive. If you're blessed and have naturally long lashes that tend to do as their told, any old mascara will do the job, but these are the four mascaras I find myself go back to most often. The mascara I use depends on the kind of look I am going for. On the daily I typically like long, natural and separated, but sometimes I like to switch it up.

For me, this is the perfect day time mascara. I'm probably on my 4th tube of this stuff and for good reason, it works like a dream. I find it makes my eyelashes appear fluttery and long while still looking natural. It separates the lashes and builds subtle volume without looking spidery. It's the kind of mascara that doesn't need a lot of work, it applies effortlessly. If you love the look of fluttery lashes, this is the mascara to try. 

For those days when I want more length and less volume, I reach for this mascara. It requires a little more work to get the separation, but the length this mascara gives is perfect. I also like how gentle this is on my lashes, it has conditioning qualities and is made without parabens so it's perfect for sensitive eyes. The skinny brush (as the name suggests) helps you get right into the lash line to lift the lashes and add extra length. 

When I want a little more drama I reach for this mascara. It adds a lot more volume than the full fat lashes, but unlike a lot of volumizing mascaras this doesn't flake and crumble throughout the day. Its the perfect mascara for days when I like to wear heavier makeup than normal. Two coats of legendary lashes and I am good to go.

A bold name for a bold product. Applying it straight from the tube isn't for the faint hearted, it will add serious drama to your lashes. I typically like to wipe off the excess from the brush before I apply this mascara, otherwise I just make a mess of it. Wiping off the excess gives me fluttery, subtle lashes, but if I'm feeling brave I will apply this straight from the tube for a lot of volume and drama. 

What are some of your favourite cruelty free mascaras? 

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