How Sea Salt Can Make Your Skin Beautiful

I love sea salt water. Maybe its because I was brought up by the coast, or because I spent countless holidays bathing in the ocean. Whenever I am around the ocean my skin is at its healthiest. Sea salt has amazing benefits for your hair and skin. Its packed full of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium - the best thing about it? Its all natural. 

What can sea salt do for you? It can improve and balance your skin's hydration levels, sooth irritations, strengthen your skin's natural protective barrier, disinfect impurities, balance skin cells, detoxify, maintain acid-alkali ratios, rejuvenate, revitalise and brighten your skin. What I'm trying to say is that its good for you. Did I mention that it also makes your hair look like a mermaids? 

I find sea salt balances my skin. As someone who suffers with psoriasis, I have learned that natural ingredients are key, and sea salt is one of the best things for me personally. When my psoriasis is acting up I will mix together organic coconut oil and pure sea salt together and scrub it into my scalp. I find that this balances and reduces the cell renewal that causes psoriasis, soothes irritation and calms any inflation. Sea salt exfoliates the skin and its a detoxifier, helping absorb any toxins from the skin leaving it perfectly balanced and happy. Sea salt is great for many skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne because its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to the magnesium). It is also a natural antiseptic, making it great for cleaning cuts and wounds too.

Sea salt is a wonderful edition to your beauty routine, but be wary! If you're thinking about using salt on your skin (and in your cooking might I add) make sure its pure sea salt or Himalayan salt - table salts are bleached, processed and full of chemical nasties that you do not want in your body!

 I use sea salt in my beauty routine every single day, whether its from an epsom salt bath, body scrub, facial toner, shampoo or sea salt spray - it manages to work its way in there helping keep my skin bright and pimple free, my scalp happy and my hair wavy. My favourite product is my sea salt spray, giving me effortless beachy waves all year long.  

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