Frank Body

I've had a bit of a love affair with Frank for some time now. Frank is like the perfect boyfriend I never had. He loves and appreciates every inch of your skin, loves to shower with you and smells just as good as your morning coffee - just don't expect him to be bringing you breakfast in bed any time soon. 

Meet Frank, the caffeine based skincare that has stolen my heart. 

If you haven't heard of frank by now, then I'm guessing you probably aren't on any major social media networks. Frank has taken instagram by storm over the last year with one mission - give babes everywhere the softest, smoothest skin. Frank has a bit of a personality online, whoever is running their instagram deserves an award! Their cheeky captions and loving attitude has gained the company a huge following over the last few years.

What is Frank Body? Frank is a coffee based skincare that is all natural, vegan friendly and against animal testing. Their products are full of natural ingredients that are wonderful for the skin, and no harsh chemicals or nasties! 

Why coffee? Coffee is a wonderful thing. Although I don't drink the stuff, I can appreciate its qualities. The caffeine is great for stimulating blood flow, which reduces the appearance of cellulite, but the coffee also targets psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks, acne, eczema - the list goes on and on.  

I have stretch marks and psoriasis, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell since using the scrub. My stretch marks have lightened, almost to the point where you can't see them and any visible psoriasis around my hairline as completely gone! I've also noticed a huge change in the redness of my skin since using their skincare.

I'll be doing more in-depth reviews of their products over the next week, otherwise this post would be ridiculously long.

I don't know what sorcery they are putting in their products, but whatever it is - its a miracle worker.

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