The Pretty Natural

Hey there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. 

I'm a green tea drinking, plant based loving, yoga pant wearing 23 year old from the South Coast of England. I love photography, travelling, the ocean, long lie ins and yoga.  

If you are interested in natural, cruelty free beauty, then The Pretty Natural is the place for you. A year ago I made the decision to only support ethical companies and start using more natural products. My skin improved so much since ditching the harsh chemicals and it feels pretty good when you go cruelty free (I like to think of it as good Karma!).

The aim for 'The Pretty Natural' is to be informative and inspirational to others. This blog will consist of product reviews, health tips, plant based food ideas and many pretty photographs.  I want to share my journey with you and discover more on the way. 

Once you put your mind to it, you'll find its simple to live life pretty naturally. 

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